Welcome to CMSC414!

Welcome to the blog for CMS414 (“Computer and Network Security”) being taught by Prof. Jonathan Katz at the University of Maryland in Fall 2009.

This is the first time I am blogging as part of a course I am teaching. Please help me make this experiment a success.

My intention is to post after each lecture, giving a 1-sentence summary of what was covered along with links to the lecture slides and any additional materials. The course syllabus remains the official source for what material you are responsible for, and the course homepage remains the official source for homeworks and other handouts.

In the comments for each lecture, students should feel free to ask questions about that lecture — these questions can then be answered by either myself or other students. I would also encourage students to add their own comments on anything related to the lecture (or security-related in general), and I will post about any interesting news articles (or anything else I see) related to security.

I will also post about each homework when it is assigned. Students can use the comments on those posts to ask/answer general questions, as is done on forums for other classes. I will shut down the blog if I see this cross the line into what I consider cheating.

I have turned off anonymous commenting, and will delete any posts not associated with the name of a student registered for the course.

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