Lecture 7

In this lecture we reviewed El Gamal and RSA public-key encryption (and variants thereof), and then discussed the issue of malleability and how this can lead to attacks. I hope people enjoyed that part of lecture, since I always find describing those attacks fun.

I was asked to prepare some worked out (and partially worked out) examples of El Gamal and RSA encryption, so I will do that in the next two blog posts.

My request for (anonymous) feedback about the course still holds.

One Response to “Lecture 7”

  1. Michael Donovan Says:

    I thought todays lecture went much better than the last. I felt like we went over the material well and I think what helped most of all were the examples done on the board. When we can do examples it slows the class down and gives me (and I assume others) the time to digest what we just went over. I think this is even more true with the more mathy stuff we have been doing in class. Also thank you for posting the example problems, they will definitely help with understanding the process.

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