HW2, part II

By now you should all have access to another team’s code that you can try to attack. If that is not the case, you should email the TA immediately.

Because of the delay in getting these to you, and due also to the midterm next week, I am going to move the deadline by 48 hours to Nov. 3, 11:59 PM.

3 Responses to “HW2, part II”

  1. >.> Says:

    I think the TA made a mistake, the other team’s code contains AlicePIN.txt

  2. jonkatz Says:

    Yes, apparently he did make a mistake. Anyway, please ignore it (you can simply delete it) when developing your attack.

  3. Ashwin Says:

    Aah, yeah simply ignore it. That was my mistake. Thanks for pointing that out.

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